In The Beginning

These are short writings of how partners Joshua Ross and Morgen Goehring view each other before they began their 33 day trip to learn more about themselves and the society they are apart of.

Joshua Ross

Joshua Ross is a very energetic and passionate person, from the moment he wakes up in the mornings he is happy to share with others what is on his mind. It seems that Joshua can make all forms of art very well, though his main focus is in photography. Whatever he creates is dear to him for it is about something that is important to him, even if I don’t understand it. When Joshua feels as if his ideas are being dismissed or that something is not how it ought to be, he expresses how he feels about things.

(I think, like many others, perhaps myself) Joshua feels a bit out of place in our society, so he feels the urge to explore the world to find his placement, if there is a place for him, until then he will make his path in this world. Topics of interest that are on his mind deal with love, relationships of all sorts, people, and injustice.   


Morgen Goehring

Morgen Goehring is an enthusiastic freelance writer who has spent a lot of time on the road—traveling, meeting and learning from various people and jobs. Journeying towards a life of spiritual enlightenment, his being a collaborator, brings an open-ness, support and vitality to the project that is demanding, enduring, and goes up against our systemically oppressive society. His participation/role is simultaneously writer, audience, antagonist and friend.


3 thoughts on “In The Beginning

  1. can’t wait u guys’s i said,that was my dream and is still my dream.congratulations,Joshua and Morgen,u just have the first step and i’m sure u will suprise all of us


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