I don’t know… 6:20:16

Walmart # 6

I’m trying to find more to look for that could relate to gender than colors, style/type of clothing, phrases or pictures that display on the clothes. The themes are surely the same but I’m looking for something greater or something more meaningful that might effect the consumers. I’ve tried a few different things to see how one could be or feel uncomfortable, I didn’t find that customers pay attention to other people/shoppers, or when people noticed me it felt like they just thought that my shopping was for someone else. The moment I reached my highest level of discomfort occurred when I approached the dressing room with a cart full of both men’s and womens clothing, I knew the associate, who let me into the dressing room, had to see and take count of what I would try on. I didn’t know how the associate would react or how I would interact with them. Within the same experiment I was faced with another daunting moment, it was when I decided to come out of the dressing room and show Joshua what I was wearing. It did not look how I thought it would, nor was it a style type of clothing that I am use to having on my body. I chose to come out and show Josh. This is when I got a reaction from the person who let me in the fitting room. She must not have realized I was really going to put on all the clothes… that I took into the dressing room. She threw her hands up, creating a large “W” with a jaw dropped face in the middle of it, shockingly asking, “why are you wearing a SKIRT!?!” I look past her, where I find Josh. He photographs me with his camera. I huff and say, “ I told you I didn’t like this one! And here you-”

“Morgen don’t put on a show! Morgen!..” I turn around with arms pulled in tight to my body and hands holding myself and I say to the associate, “I don’t want to talk about it,” as I rush back into the dressing room.


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