Cookie Cutter Reactions 6:24:16

June 24th Yesterday/Today. Scattered thoughts. 3 Parts

Walmart Update

Yesterday after going into several Walmart’s our approach changed, we decided to work together in the stores focusing our attention on accessories and shoes.  At the first location while looking through accessories, Morgen would pose; he modeled a variety of purses and scarves. Soon we left, headed towards the next Walmart we were having a conversation about a pattern we were finding– we were discussing what it meant that the clothing was always in the front entrance and how that might affect bodies, we had our speculations why — bodies being monitored– being the first, cashiers standing front and center.

It was bizarre to arrive and find the next Walmart, number 12, the first, that has two main entrances– one in the front and one in the back.. The clothes weren’t in the front, it was polarized, both ends beginning with accessories and centered in the store arrangement. As you walk through the store and make it to the most central position of the space  you find the men’s and women’s fitness clothing, the sections face one another and moving from the inside, either way you go, follows from youth ladies or men wear to professional wear and finally arrives at accessories on the outside and on opposite ends for both men and women. The fitness section seemed most interchangeable, which was interesting we thought, this section is the only section  where you find a shared color palette. Morgen and I discussed the fitness section as an area of negotiation, having interest in how this layout presented a real spectrum.

Not long before leaving we saw a man with dark hair, streaked with brown, wearing a red shirt, and tight high capris– walking with a switch.  After seeing him we talked about violence and what marks our understanding through sight in society– what mechanics work to make him visible: I’m not sure that we could recall many men in the store from that day. Thinking still, about that man, we begin to talk about  gestures and body language on different logo’s especially on graphic shirts that are for/or depict women, movement and, “natural/common behavior”

Update on us

We aren’t talking as much and we’re having disagreements about blog content, but we planned  to stop at a McDonald’s for Wifi after our last Walmart, there we logged shoes and purchased coffee grinds and filters to preserve the budget. We worked hard to get things going on the blog and to figure out today’s stops.


It was dark – I killed an animal – (At the time of this edit we have now killed four animals total) I was really scared and wanted to cry.

Morgen was tired so we stopped  

Before sleeping we were in minor disagreement with one another. He just doesn’t believe he’ll change his way of being– that’s not what the project is asking, maybe he can’t let go to find himself? I can tell by this and other arguments he’s not vocalizing everything… we go to bed


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