Sweet 6:23:16

6:17 a.m. June 23rd. Our GPS estimates that we’ll arrive at the next Walmart by 6:50.

It’s Thursday and we’re beginning our big days on the road again. Most of everything is ready to be posted on the blog and we’ve covered a lot of ground by not  completely stopping on our rest days. Morgen and I have also covered a lot of ground in our conversations and come closer to agreeing on how things should be formatted, what things should be posted and a system for each day.

I’ll be brief about the past few days…

Definitely some good time in salt lake city

Walmart night–we toured the city and slept on the roof of walmart waking to dry mouths and dripping wet windows

Full day at the library– we edited and went through some documentary photography projects– met Kira at the coffee shop

Drove to two motel parking lots and finally ended up staying at a hotel that served free breakfast… I thought this would be a joke but the morning was telling.

(see sketch book for text message)

We technically stayed at the hotel

So we went in for breakfast

I was scared

I left

I went back in

Morgen was making a waffle

I started to draw– texting amy

Morgen brought me eggs

Morgen went for another round

Morgen found a shower

We can take our first shower

I’m really scared

I don’t want the project to end

We shower– begin our day

Parking lot pimping

Leaving Salt Lake city we were ahead in days but not really caught up and the blog hasn’t jumped off yet so we both are being pretty urgent and creating task list, but the good thing is, it appears we are ahead a day.

Our last Walmart stop was in Little ephram

Small town

No coffee shop

10 year old cashier…

Brittany and I did a facetime

We went in Walmart.. First things first we notice that for the first time the stores men and women’s section was split more than ever. One part beginning in the front right hand corner and the other being in the back hand corner and split by the children section— long story short one lady was yelling there is a person, me, taking photos in the clothing section… I scurry to the back– stopped by a man… we connected and he told me I could keep going… I keep going and am stopped again by a woman in a suit.. I basically can’t continue in this Walmart…

We leave

Listening to recordings

We get stopped for speeding by an officer in hell town where the temperature was a thousand

I’m sure he wanted to give us a ticket because he told us about 6 times how many speed limit signs we passed

He left us with a warning..

Morgen thinks he noticed we are roughing it…

We end up in this random town called Moab because it’s the only place anywhere that we can use/find wifi (Starbucks) The coffee shop turned out to be inside a grocery store so we had to turn around.

We went to a sweet space I noticed back down the road… driving back towards the location, we pass closed location ,one after another– had one been open, we totally would have stopped. I notice a pride flag in a bookstore window… We get there, The Sweet Cafe.  After we get out and go in I look around, It’s a pretty big space and smells like warm bread and a mix of flavorful seasonings. We are soon helped by an associate, Anne. I’m asking how can I get the most  caffeine for the bang of my buck and at the same time asking how much cookies are, if Morgen wants any, and if so which one, and inquiring how much they are– Morgens not really answering but he’s like… nah– I knew it was a bigger nah but then again, I never know because he never just says no– I’m pretty bad with splurging from time to time, he’s better about not having any extra… I JUST WANNA LIVE!

I’m not sure how we got started but I end up really clicking with Anne– I felt comfortable and because I had the map out, I shared the entire project with her! I showed her the map ,shared some of our experiences and then we realize we are all from the Midwest… The world is so small, she starts to tell me how she never thought, she, as an out lesbian from Chicago would be living in a small town in Utah but she said it’s pretty progressive– it seemed that way. I told her that I noticed the pride flag in the window a little back and how it warmed my heart and she told me her girl friend works there!!!

So, they close in about 17 minutes now , originally we had a little more time, we don’t use wifi…

This exchange was everything though!

We were able to sample raspberry floats and We got a huge free cookie.

We slept in resting mountain Oregon rest area– it was beautiful, the first thing I noticed was a lizard, I stopped Morgen and we looked until he could find it, we continued walking over to the bench.

I laid out a blanket and map to make sure we were on route and Morgen set at the table working on the writings. Closer to Nightfall Morgen and I both finalized the writings together, the winds began to pick up and soon we were in total darkness.



The first thing we eat is a piece of cookie.

Uh oh, we’re here at Walmart but I wanted to at least get some of these things out… Morgen already went inside… Our game plan is to look at the accessories together and then before leaving take photos of the men and women sections (our constant)… WE have to be more strategic!

Going in!


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