Blessing 6:29:16

Tonight’s a true blessing. It’s been a challenging few days, emotionally and mentally, actually, physically too. The project has been everywhere. We’ve been moving so fast and going through so much I couldn’t keep up with myself. It’s funny though, it feels like something has been restored since Mt. Rushmore.

We needed that day–the night–lost–keys–we had them– everyone– was searching–we found–we were found– they came along, all along.

Today we pushed through Walmart’s, both of us trying to push the tension from the air– it wouldn’t give by us alone…

Joddi and David were able to meet us after our stop in Lexington Nebraska– we were spot on deciding to meet around 5p.m. I gave Morgen that time without even checking the map about two states away. We met at an orange square building on the corner, it was an el salvadorian Restaurant located in the greater downtown… All smiles and even more smiles when I realized it was attached to a camera shop!

I ordered a taco combination, pork, chicken, and steak and Morgen had Sauteed shrimp and onions with Rice/beans and a side of toppings, Joddi had a seafood tostada, and David ordered pupusas! — Without expectations for the day, I realized  it was already turning out… When we were finishing up Morgen offered me food from his plate, he had a big meal but It was still unexpected, our meals had consisted of peanut butter and bananas and when we did it big we would have cucumbers and chicken, so I figured he’d be needing his every bite.

We continued at the table sharing things about our self– them their past and our sharing splitting between our past and goals, what we all shared in common was a feeling… a responsibility to something social that extend beyond our self. Joddi shared her years of teaching and her eclectic background and David, his time being a counselor and his current career as a therapist. We are shaping our way– literally on this trip. It seems we’re drawn to one another because of our wandering and curiosity–full of passion–young lions– young professionals– we’re hungry for something. After chatting a little more we finish dinner and they decide on a run to the grocery store to pick up morning breakfast– homemade pancakes and bacon, it was decided.

Joddi and I have similar dietary restrictions so it doesn’t feel so bad when I can’t have anything that everyone else can have because neither can she. It made her quick in presenting alternatives. While walking through the store Joddi turned to us, asking, have we had green tomato pie– jaws dropped, we startle as dessert became a thing. We let her know we haven’t had it but full of curiosity. I love fried green tomatoes is what I think to myself… it has to be wonderful. We start talking about ice cream and yet again I have to bring up another food allergy– David jokes they’re going to buy pistachio ice cream and I grab my face while cringing– noooo! Dairy + tree nuts= a death sentence for myself. Joddi’s decided to make ice cream from avocados, strawberries and honey.

We move around, Morgen and I split between partners adding intimacy and efficiency to our grocery store trip, before long we’re at checkout and Joddi and I have to make a scramble through the store to find the syrup, at the same time she continued telling me about youth and the rodeo, i’m truly impressed– I mean, I’ve never met a person who had rodeo days before…

Already absolutely thankful we’re invited back to home, after making the drive we arrive and they start by introducing us to jack. We continue in and they take us to where we’ll sleep and we see where we’ll shower. –spaced out, i think, i’ll be able to be this hospitable– i need this.

The two of them give us a tag team tour– which is incredible… there’s this and that and I mean it’s full in every way– Love. Finishing but not finished at all we were invited to fo out to a hive in the morning so We take an expedition out to prepare the hives for the morning passing their enchanted garden, Jasper and Lucy and blowing huge blowy flowers- I felt like a kid. Being this generation youngsters, headed back towards the house included us taking photos.


We begin taking our evening showers and unwind with dessert while we watch the sunset with one another– ya know until the bugs got crazy!

I realize while sitting at the table, in our last moment together for the night the extent that love was shared, I was able to feel the impact of time and while I sat I was overcome by an impulse to just be still while something fell over me, that feeling was just holding.

As I sit in bed and I write I can’t think but to close with a deep exhale and prayer for brighter tomorrows.


PROSE JUNE 30, 2016

5:24, I was laying from the 5:15 alarm when Jodi knocked at the door, I remember it was something like a rubbing knock– both certainty and reluctance, it was time.

She brought tea and walked me to the porch– my foot in water I noticed it rained last night…

I sit in a rocker– the leaves are being blown in the trees, as I look out in the distance from my staggered country view I see rich citrusy orange and pale lemon yellow break the clouds apart– the sun pushing towards me , Jodi bring me a cover– it breaks the thick of the morning winds.

In the blackness I notice the sound of nature– chirps, clucks, calls, tweets, chuckles, cricketing, a sound orchestra and while drinking tea I inhale the comforting soul food of the country air and with a flailing hoody I whisper internally as a witness to myself that I’ve been baptized.

I begin to collect myself, Jack runs and howls. I pull myself away, it’s time to make pancakes.


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