Inner expression

Re-entering the world, crossing through a veil which brought about an unknowing mind, that is curious to discover all. The child without knowledge is taught how they are to see the world. The senses of the body lead the wandering child to different things that naturally attract them. All people are people whether big or small, despite their color or physical abilities to the pure child.

One day hate is interpreted from those around the child and slowly accepted.

The beliefs of how one ought to be, is taught from their parents actions, discovered from the child’s eyes. How to act toward different people, is absorbed through the child’s open ears, as they are always ready to listen to something of value. During the time of learning these things the purity of the child is buried beneath the foundations of their society.

The child will always be the spirit soul that illuminates the body that is used to navigate through their worldly existence. This non physical life force holds no labeling constraints of the physical world it is in, yet understands things perfectly. Through one’s innate understandings life filling interests are born.

One’s drive varies in many ways; from whom one desires to create a relationship with, or to wear clothes that are currently thought of as abnormal, or to do activities that people often think should not be done for the body they live through. One can not help but know when they are not filling the needs of their spirit.

(A non physical thing promotes physical desires? One spiritual wants can become needs? This does not seem right. Possibly the spirit within one’s body still promotes who this person feels they are. Of course people don’t make dating relationship solely on lust. Maybe the spirit holds qualities of some sort that can only be comforted by certain qualities in another person’s soul. One can then find that most of the people who hold those qualities in their being that comfort them are of the same genetic makeup, therefore they decide that they must be a homosexual based upon this comfort/feeling)

This writing is trying to state that if one feels that they will be filling their spirit from doing things that are different than society’s labeled normative behavior for a person then they should act upon these feelings for people are beyond any confined langue.


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