Inner expression

Re-entering the world, crossing through a veil which brought about an unknowing mind, that is curious to discover all. The child without knowledge is taught how they are to see the world. The senses of the body lead the wandering child to different things that naturally attract them. All people are people whether big or … More Inner expression

First person experience

Blawnk, a car door opens, zerrrrrrrrrrr…. Chiseled legs coated with hair stretch out– faintly touching the ground. Hands with pulsating veins reach to dust and straighten the thigh length skirt. Click clack, click clack, click clack, “Whooah-oh!” A man exclaims as his head turns all-the-way around, watching. Shhhwooohhhah, the door slides open and a family … More First person experience

Blessing 6:29:16

Tonight’s a true blessing. It’s been a challenging few days, emotionally and mentally, actually, physically too. The project has been everywhere. We’ve been moving so fast and going through so much I couldn’t keep up with myself. It’s funny though, it feels like something has been restored since Mt. Rushmore. We needed that day–the night–lost–keys–we … More Blessing 6:29:16