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Unmapping Gender

Unmapping Gender is a collaborative project that hit the road June 17, 2016. It’s a project where collaborative partners, Joshua Ross and Morgen Goehring, journey through America mapping stores that promote “everyday living.” Driving from one location to the next this act will trace coordinates on the map that create images of a purse, dress, pants, and heels.  The blog is a collection of material from our time in the space which consist of the following: writing, audio, photo documentation, portrayals of handling objects and materials, interactions with the public, sketching, and videos between the road and the store. We anticipate onsite interventions and will respond to one another accordingly.

Accompanying the blog will be a collection of photographs, sketches, and notes that will exist separately– At each store in addition to creating material to interact with the public we photograph the men’s and women’s section, log when, where, and what is experienced and create task to accomplish as our understanding unfolds. 

We would love your interaction and participation! =)